Established in 1978, Jayanita is a family owned manufacturing business with 43 years of tremendous experience in serving geographies worldwide specially USA, Europe, Far East and Middle East.

At Jayanita we believe in innovation in world of Home Furnishing, Home Improvement which ranges from Window Hardware and Window Furnishings, Home Improvement Accessories. We have established our selves as one of the pioneers in Window Hardware Manufacturing from India.

Company’s vision is to be ‘Complete Window Solution’, with zest to provide the world with all aspects of decorative window – both textile and hardware.
Jayanita is also a leading manufacturer of metal garden decorative products like citronella tiki torches, planters, etc.

We are based out of Delhi, with our two factories in Greater Noida (UP, India) and 7 warehouses across the globe.

At Jayanita, We are really passionate about our products and customers, and through our manufacturing and distribution excellence , thrive to ensure the best in its class for our customers by delivering the best products.

Our Customers include Big Retailers and Wholesalers, across the globe,
In India, U.S. ,U.K. We operate under the brand Decowindow, and are available both online and offline.

We are a team of over 250 People and a group turnover of across 30 Million USD, with plans to double that in the next 4 Years.

At Jayanita we are continuously improving to provide the world with latest trends and technology to decorate home, at the most reasonable price possible. The company is open to new projects and ideas.

The company started distributing the products in their own brand Deco Window™ through out the world in year 2000. Through company’s own distribution channel is servicing to over 1000 Stores across the world with window solution products in the Deco Window ™ brand whose customers include ( Big retail chains, Small Retail Chains, Single Stores, Market Place, websites etc)


With an inhouse team of 12 Designers from around the world, Our design team insights future, and incepts functionality to best. We create designs, using various raw materials, for different markets, and different customer class. We are really passionate about the products we create and our designs are unique.

Our state of art specialized manufacturing units , with highest capacities, and over whelming machinery and automation, with inherent vertical integration, produce products at the most effective cost and best quality. We like to pass this advantage to our customers.

We offer our customers a 360 Degree solution, With the product offering complete window solution with both the soft part (Curtains, Blinds, Trims/Tiebacks, ) & window Hardware (Curtain Rods, Tracks , Accessories etc), With our experience we are able to help our customers with projections with the help of their sales and stock data, distribution, etc.


At Jayanita all our production units are compliant and audited for all sectors.  We are compliant for factories act of state, pollution control, security awareness program, fire and accident safety. Our employees are covered under factories act of state, provident funds, employee state insurance and labour law.

At Jayanita all our units functions on AQL 2.0. Our Quality assurance comes from a constant process improvement driven by a team of 12 people, who are constantly making efforts in that direction. We follow EDDR (Every Day Different Rejection), DPRR (Daily Percentage on Rejection and Rework), monitoring major defects and there causes and eliminating major causes of defects. Our quality check begins straight from sourcing where incoming raw material is checked at the ancillary, who themselves work on AQL 2.0. Our vendors constantly deliver material with self-inspection certificate. From their onwards once the material is received at the production unit it is tested for the parameters and specification created by the product development and quality team while designing product. Further on at every stage of production the product as well as the process is monitored for satisfactory result. Finally the shipment is checked and approved for all specs before it leaves the factory, and certified on basis of AQL2.0.

At Jayanita all our units are integrated within and with head office. Our organisation runs on JDEdwards ERP software which is ideal for manufacturing businesses. All our departments are integrated and provide automatic and coherent workflow from one department to another, to ensure a smooth transition and quicker completion of processes. And hence we are able to provide our customers with an easy and transparent way to process their orders.