Kaizen at Jayanita Exports


Kai = Change Zen = Good KaiZen is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous Improvement at workplace to achieve efficiency in daily operations leading to overall growth and better outcomes. At Jayanita we value all our workforce and provide them a platform to excel and contribute their skills and idea to make everyday better. This not only gives us operational excellence but is a step towards enriching every employee irrespective of their level to contribute in their own capacity, and we are amazed that for the month of December we have all KaiZen winners from our shop floor. Their contribution is our strength and our confidence to keep growing! #kaizen #jayanitaexports #winners #workplace #manufacturing #windowsolution #homedecor #homefurnishings

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Sustainability: Our Commitment towards Nature, Society & People

At Jayanita we stand strong to our Core Value system and our 1st value is SUSTAINABILITY. Taking care of our people, society and the enviorment, we are constantly making efforts to do our bit for a better tomorrow. From using solar power to water harvesting and treatment, we utilize natural resources with utmost care and ensure that we optimise the use and educate the society to do the same. We are making all possible efforts to reduce our Carbon footprints. As an organization we have also taken up organic farming as a CSR initiative. Another step in reducing the cardon footprint is our building forest initiative. We have started with this project in 2022 and in next 10 years we aim to build over 100 such forest.

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All work & no play makes Jack a dull employee!

Standing strong to our value system, at Jayanita we know how important sports activities are and how they help build team spirit, co-ordination, physical and mental strength and above all fun at work. It is exciting to see the enthusiasm and the spirit of all employees during these events and gives each one a platform to be themselves and showcase their passion and skill. Volley Ball, Badminton, Chess, Carom are some of the sports which we have introduced and we plan to initiate more such events for a happy work enviorment!

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Let’s Create A Forest!

Among the different types of greenery, real forests made up of trees native to the area are three-dimensional, multi-layered communities having 30 times the surface area ofgreenery of single-layered lawns, and have more than 30 times the ability to protect against natural disasters and to conserve the environment. The forest are complete self-sustainable, with a rich bio-diversity of plants, microorganism, insects, birds and animals with each competing for growth and survival and also supporting sustainable existence of the other. Miyawaki MethodCreating Forests based on Potential Natural Vegetation, Miyawaki technique taps the potential of nature’s ability to adapt and thrive with competition. This method includes planting trees (only native species) as close as possible in the same area which not only saves space, but the planted saplings also support each other in growth and block sunlight reaching the ground, thereby preventing the growth of weed. The Process: • The native trees of the region are identified and divided into four layers shrub, sub-tree, tree, & canopy• The quality of soil is analyzed and biomass which would help enhance the perforation capacity, water retention capacity, and nutrients in it, is mixed with it• A mound is built with the soil and the seeds are planted at a very high density — three to five sapling per square meter• Initially the forest is watered regularly and thereafter after only once/twice every month for 2 years No pesticides, fertilizers or pruning or any interference for 2 years and the forest becomes completely self-sustainable after

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Jayanita’s Core Values

Companies core values are the clearly stated principles about the organization’s vision, mission, and principles, these are a guide to organizations actions both internally and externally.

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India’s Best Company Of the Year 2022 by Berkshire Media

Jayanita Exports Pvt. Ltd., India’s Largest Home Furnishing- Window Solution Manufacturing and Exports Company, has been awarded ‘India’s Best Company of the Year 2022’, by Berkshire Media. The award ceremony took place at The Leela Hotel in Mumbai on October 9, 2022. It is one of the most prestigious awards for a company because of the rigorous study and selection process that Berkshire Media performs in the United States to determine the leading Indian companies across varied business segments. Sharing gratitude with everyone associated with the company for over 4 decades and making this journey worthwhile, Mr. Vaibhav Jain, group CEO, adds “Passion towards what we do and when done best always rewards, representing the group and every member associated I am delighted to receive this prestigious award. With a vision to be the best home furnishing manufacturers and exporters from India, we have always believed in providing solutions to our customers with 100% satisfaction. With a vision to provide complete window solutions, the company truly stand to its promise “a happy morning starts with us”. Standing strong to our motto Made in India, Made for the World, we as a company continue to expand across geographies to be part of every home and décor! This award is a mark of trust and a boost to our spirits to keep rising and continuing the journey…as they say miles to go and achieve greater heights. India’s Best Company of the Year award is a recognition for our continuing hard work and

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Jayanita University

Internal website where users can learn at off times, at their own convenience and contribute in both organization and self growth. At Jayanita we take learning very seriously

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