43 Years of Innovation, Excellence & Satisfaction

At Jayanita we strive to create, produce, new innovative products, using best in class manufacturing techniques,
ensuring our customers the highest standard of Quality Cost and Service

 “With a MISSION of offering innovative solution to the world to be in every home and office through Excellence & Satisfaction for all”


With world class manufacturing unit, we operate with one of the advance Tubular Hardware Factory in the world. We independently own both Hard goods and Soft goods manufacturing unit which are high on capacity handling with latest technology and machinery.

Hard Goods Unit

Spread over 2, 00,000 sq. feet area, the Hard goods unit is a fully audited and compliant setup factory. With most advance and world class machinery setup, the unit is fully integrated and process enabled. Keeping in mind the Environmental responsibility we produce more than 35% solar power in-house for consumption.

Process – Pipe Shop, Powder Coating, Annodizing, Electro Plating, Die Casting, Assembly, Sub Assembly…

Products – Window Hardware, Drapery Curtain Rod, Tracks and Traverse Systems, Garden Torches..

Soft Goods Unit

The soft goods unit is spread over 3, 00,000 sq. feet area with world class technology and machinery. At Jayanita we are continuously improving to provide the world with latest trends and technology to decorate home, at the most reasonable price. The company is open to new projects and ideas as we are manufacturing Curtains/Drapery, Blinds and Shades, tiebacks and trims.   

A Vertically integrated process from yarn to final product.


Jayanita’s Private Label Registered Brands.


The company started distributing the products in their own brand Deco Window™ throughout the world in year 2000. We currently serve over 10,000 Stores across the world with window solution Products in the Deco Window ™ brand and our customers include (Big Retail Chains, Small Retail Chains, Single Stores, Market Place & E-commerce)


A sub label of deco window is essentials by deco window, it segments an audiance that like luxury at budget products, Products in the brand focus on retail, and specific customer needs from the product.


Drapery Bazaar is a brand in concert with designer from around the world, diffrentiating design asthetics and functionality.


We Operate from India with our manufacturing factories based in greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. With 5 warehouses across the globe, we are strongly expanding our footprints to cater to rising global demands. 



Jayanita Passion


We are really passionate when it comes to window, When we talk innvoation, and manufacturing, we take every unit we produce very seriously.


Quality for us is a serious intellegent effort, it is one of the pillars of our organization , which we are very proud of.

Jayanita Complaince


We believe in what we do, we strive for perfection, we constantly improve at being better each time, we make sure we comply at all times.

Desing And Innovation


Design is a langauage we all speak at jayanita, we understand the market and customer need, we marry that with innovation to attaing product leadership



Our internal goal is operation excellence, we sometimes like to know even if it doesnt make sense, we live tech, from simple erp, to ai, ml, and we try tech automate as much.

Made In India


Made in India for the world.