Manager Compliance

Role of compliance primarily is to ensure implementation and execution of company policies, processes, however on a minor level, calculating process efficiencies, understanding process gaps, enable skilling with the help of Human Resource Team, make the process lean and agile over time. We are looking for a candidate to help enable compliance, on the existing processes, enable new processes, ensuring all business operations, and procedures complying with legal regulations and internal polices. The one on this role would perform a range of duties including, evaluation of all current and new compliance regulations, reviewing of company process, digitizing the current process and work instructions into a web available format for all teams. The candidate should be an excellent communicator, with in-depth knowledge of latest industry procedures and regulations.
Posted On: May 16, 2022



• Develop and implement company policies and regulations

• Develop and implement company policies and regulations

• Oversee all business operations relating to compliance including policies, investments, and procedures

• Design and monitor control systems to deal with violations of legal rules and internal policies

• Regularly assess the efficiency of control systems and recommend effective improvements

• Review and evaluate company procedures and reports to identify hidden risks or common issues

• Coordinate with different department managers to review all departmental compliance policies

• Perform periodic audits on company procedures and processes

• Lead employee training sessions on legal and compliance issues

• Supervise compliance officers and team

• Communicating with all of a business’ employees to ensure they are aware of their role/s in compliance

• Carrying out detailed research and completing documentation and risk assessments

• Attending training programs

• Liaising with external bodies to be aware of changing industry requirements

• Overseeing implementation and conducting internal inspections and communication with others

• Visiting sites to ensure that agreed procedures are being implemented

• Carrying out reviews of processes and adapting plans based on feedback

• Maintaining records of compliance practices

• Filing documentation with relevant bodies

• Producing training materials and sharing best practice throughout a business

• Working both on-site and in an office



• Bachelor’s degree business administration, or relevant field

• A minimum of 6 years’ experience as a compliance officer, compliance manager, or similar position

• Strong knowledge of industry processes and regulations

• Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities

• An analytical mindset with excellent organizational skills

• Understanding of legal standards relating to construction

• Excellent communications skills

• Attention to detail

• Ability to problem-solve

• Project management skills

Location : Greater Noida

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