Let’s Create A Forest!

Among the different types of greenery, real forests made up of trees native to the area are three-dimensional, multi-layered communities having 30 times the surface area ofgreenery of single-layered lawns, and have more than 30 times the ability to protect against natural disasters and to conserve the environment. The forest are complete self-sustainable, with a rich bio-diversity of plants, microorganism, insects, birds and animals with each competing for growth and survival and also supporting sustainable existence of the other.

Miyawaki Method
Creating Forests based on Potential Natural Vegetation, Miyawaki technique taps the potential of nature’s ability to adapt and thrive with competition. This method includes planting trees (only native species) as close as possible in the same area which not only saves space, but the planted saplings also support each other in growth and block sunlight reaching the ground, thereby preventing the growth of weed.

The Process:

• The native trees of the region are identified and divided into four layers shrub, sub-tree, tree, & canopy
• The quality of soil is analyzed and biomass which would help enhance the perforation capacity, water retention capacity, and nutrients in it, is mixed with it
• A mound is built with the soil and the seeds are planted at a very high density — three to five sapling per square meter
• Initially the forest is watered regularly and thereafter after only once/twice every month for 2 years

No pesticides, fertilizers or pruning or any interference for 2 years and the forest becomes completely self-sustainable after 2 years

As part of our first project we are planting over 2500 trees on a 750Sqm area, and plan to take this to 10,000+ trees in 3 months..